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Books and Materials   

Below is a list of what you need to get started on the violin. 

The Amazon shopping list is a simple and easy way for me to provide examples of items that beginners have probably never purchased before. You do not have to buy from Amazon, however - in fact, you may get a better deal buying from a local music shop or a different online vendor.

Required Materials 

• Violin and bow in working condition, correctly sized for the student 

• Shoulder sponge or rest, as directed 

• Rosin 

• Soft cleaning cloth 

• Books as directed 


Additional Recommended Materials  

• Bag for transporting materials to and from lessons 

• Music Stand (for practicing at home, I have stands at my studio)

• Metronome

• Tuner 

• Notebook for writing down assignments and tracking/journaling about practice

Where to Shop 

Christian Eggert Violins (in Canal Park)  

Schmitt Music (in Miller Hill Mall) (online store specifically for string instruments) 

• (online store with general music accessories and books)

Examples from Amazon 


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